“Paul Palnik is in his own way an artist who expresses his philosophy in images and fantasies drawn with originality. He is in his own way unique.” 
Isaac Bashevis Singer 
Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 


“Palnik’s calendar with its words and drawings is a gift, a beautiful gift” 
Ellie Wiesel 
Winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace 

“Paul Palnik’s drawings hang on my wall, I give them to friends as gifts. He has the skill of a fine cartoonist and the insights of a wise man. To use the steel of wit in a cynical way is not hard, but to use it constructively takes genius and a generous spirit, not in short supply in Palnik’s extraordinary art.” 
Robert Fulghum 
Author and religious philosopher 

“What a breath of fresh air! Palnik’s drawings are terrific. I found myself laughing out loud alone in my office and trying to overcome my desire to sit all day and read his book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” 

Bill Moyers 
PBS Television 

“Palnik calls himself a cartoonist, but his prints go well beyond a common notion of cartooning, they are masterly pieces of graphic art. His works relate to the satirical traditions started in graphic art by Goya and Daumier; a tradition that has adopted the popular imagery of caricature and deals with social and moral issues. He has raised cartooning to the rank of high art.” 
Tamara Shamson 
Journal of the Print World 

“If we can’t find ourselves in Palnik’s cartoons, we’re bound to find someone we know. Happy or sad, profound or absurd, Palnik’s people are real.” 
Business First Magazine 

“Palnik’s cartoons have three dimensions within them; the Black and White and the Soul. Contrary to many other cartoons you feel that his images are living, almost popping out, ready for action and full of wit.” 
Ranan Lurie 
Time Magazine 

“Paul Palnik’s pen traces the mewlings and pukings, pusillanimities and peccadilloes, of poor little us, Mannikinkind. He is a universal Gilray for today and his draughtmanship is exquisite. If you already have your Hogarths, Bunburys, and Cruickshanks, Steigs and Gluyas Williams, you must add to them your Paul Palniks.” 
Chauncey Howell 
Art Critic, NBC Television 
“Palnik represents the very best of highly imaginative and sensitive cartoon art. His work abounds with intelligence and humor.” 

Will Eisner 
International Museum of Cartoon Art 

“Paul Palnik is so good he should be in the Bible.” 
Dr. Robert Carrol 
The University of Glasgow, Scotland. 
Department of Biblical Studies 

“Paul Palnik’s art carries with it an inspiring message for men and women today. For amidst the persuasive gloom and cynicism of our times, his posters, affirm the joys of life, and the existence of a moral order to the universe.” 

Dr. Edward Hoffman 
The Four Worlds Journal